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  1. ARTDAYS 2015: Industry event with Viscon

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    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. What is the latest state of technology? What does the future bring?

    The ARTDAYS are a specialised conference and exhibition regarding the topic of VR & AR – initiated by the Weilheim-based company A.R.T. (Advanced Realtime Tracking).

    March 5-6, 2015, hardware and software manufacturers from the areas of 3D simulation, visualisation and immersive 3D applications as well as well-known customers from industry and research will discuss and introduce the latest developments. In addition, there will be exciting insights into future possibilities of VR and AR applications.

    Top-notch presentations and a diverse exhibition provide the framework for interesting discussions, networking and one or the other new strategy development.

    The event is aimed at current users as well as interested product managers, decision-makers, and developers from industry and academic institutions.

    We are happy to be a part of it!

    For more information: ARTDAYS