360-degree tower simulator for DFS

Towersimulator für die Deutsche-Flugsicherung (DFS) in Kaufbeuren

Complex tower simulator including simulation software of our partner UFA for the modernised traning centre of the Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Navigation Services).

Simulation Control

The simulation system for synchronous utilisation of control stations Multi-user concept: A multitude of responsible parties receives a joint situational overview as quickly as possible and can make decisions – e.g. in alert situations. Advantages: Uncompromisingly high functional reliability, quick response time of the system, incl. the displays, reliable 24/7 operation Sensitive areas of application: […]

Simulation Dome

The projection system for simulation on curved surfaces Flowing image transitions: Thanks to sophisticated distortion-correction algorithms, perfect soft edge blending and warping Advantages: Convincing reality simulation onto cylindrically or spherically shaped projection surfaces – even with multiple projectors Rear projection or front projection: both is possible. Areas of application: Presentations, simulations, entertainment industry and many more.   […]

Simulation Space

The polygonal simulator for multi-channel rear projection at virtually any resolution Multi-channel projection: The more projection channels, the more “real” the impression of the picture. Simulation Space offers all the prerequisites for a varying number of projectors. Advantages: high image resolution, low image distortion, no unwelcome shadows of the user on the projection surface For […]