VR holodeck instead of VR glasses

360° VR room at Ehrhardt + Partner group headquarters: experiencing and planning life-sized storage halls with technical highlights from Viscon.

Simulation Control

The simulation system for synchronous utilisation of control stations

Multi-user concept: A multitude of responsible parties receives a joint situational overview […]

Simulation Dome

The projection system for simulation on curved surfaces

Flowing image transitions: Thanks to sophisticated distortion-correction algorithms, perfect soft edge blending and […]

VR Mobile

The mobile 3D BOX for variable use in the most diverse localities

Flexibility: For transport, the rear projection boxes are moved […]

VR Multi-Touch Table

The VR display with integrated display and touch function for intuitive operation

Potentials: From product presentation and brand communication to interactive […]

VR Bench

The Holobench [Workbench] for 3D projection with high immersion factor

 L-shaped projection: two surfaces receiving projections (wall & floor or wall […]

VR Cave

The walk-in VR room for complete immersion into the virtual environment

 Multi-surface projection: All three to six basic surfaces are suitable […]

VR Powerwall

The virtual reality wall for transition-free images with multiple projectors or single projector

As stereoscopic 3D wall: seamless image transitions thanks […]