VR holodeck instead of VR glasses

Ehrhardt + Partner, a leading international specialist for logistics solutions with 14 locations and more than 500 employees received a new VR room with extensive equipment – from 360° projection technology to state-of-the-art conference technology. The so-called “holodeck” allows customers, among other things, to plan and experience their new storage halls virtually and life-sized.

The room facilitates experiencing content usually viewed using 360 degree VR glasses within a room – thanks to all-round projection onto four walls.

VR conference room technology: Scope and details

  • Room: 7 x 7 m footprint
  • Projectors for walls: 4 x Barco F50 WQXGA + Ultra Short Throw optics
  • Projected image: B 7 m x H 4.39 m
  • Table projector: Panasonic RZ 570 (laser) + 0.8 optics
  • Media cube (Viscon construction)
    • Table projector in scissor lift
    • Audio 5.1 system
    • Absorbtion foam to improve room acoustics
    • Direct room light for conference table


Computer back end: 4+1 Anystation // Computer cluster with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards by our partner VIOSO GmbH

In the middle of the room, there is a white conference table with a corian table top. This is where the system’s control unit is located.

Computer front end: A 24’’ xslate touch display (manufactured by: interactive displays) was integrated in the table to control the overall system.

Software: The current room control/visualisation software is VIOSO Wings.

For the future, the expansion of the room into a four-wall VR CAVE is being evaluated. The preconditions are excellent in any event.

We would like to say thank you for the great cooperation and, to Ehrhardt + Partner group as well as their customers: welcome aboard!



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