13.01.23 | Viscon

New Managing Director

Manuel Schiavo – CEO | Geschäftsführer bei Viscon

With the decision for Manuel Schiavo as the new managing director, company founder and owner Markus Knoor has set the course for the future.

08.03.21 | Viscon

4K Airport tower simulator

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport received an upgraded 15-channel tower simulator for DSNA air traffic controller training – in record time.

03.12.20 | Viscon

New: VR VISIT by Viscon

Ultra-mobile solution for 360° livestreams & video content creation up to 8K. Simple handling, easy transport, endless application possibilities.

04.06.20 | Viscon

Cave to power walls – 1 becomes 2

For the TU Kaiserslautern, we created two rear-projection power walls including the latest technology from an existing four-sided cave.

03.04.20 | Viscon

Fit for the future

We have a new trainee on board and more fresh wind in our Viscon sails!

12.02.19 | Viscon

3-D power wall for KIT

3D-Powerwall Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

New visualisation laboratory at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 3-D rear projection system for pixel-precise visualisation of complex data.

21.01.19 | Manx Design

Work in progress …

Work in progress: 360 degree Tower Simulator for the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

13.09.18 | Viscon

Fit for the future

Erik Rjabko is our first trainee. We are very happy! And not only because this lowers our average age…

15.03.18 | Viscon

VR holodeck instead of VR glasses

VR-Raum von Viscon für Erhardt und Partner

360° VR room at Ehrhardt + Partner group headquarters: experiencing and planning life-sized storage halls with technical highlights from Viscon.

13.06.17 | Viscon

360-degree tower simulator for DFS

Towersimulator für die Deutsche-Flugsicherung (DFS) in Kaufbeuren

Complex tower simulator including simulation software of our partner UFA for the modernised traning centre of the Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Navigation Services).

10.05.17 | Viscon

ARTDAYS 2017: Viscon shows new screen

June 1-2, 2017, developers, manufacturers and users from industry and research will meet regarding the topic of VR & AR at A.R.T. GmbH in Ottobrunn (Bavaria, Germany).

20.02.17 | Viscon

UFA & Viscon: Trade fair in Madrid

Worl ATM Congress 2017

March 07-09, 2017, we are going to be at the trade fair booth of our software partner UFA during the “World ATM Congress”

15.12.16 | Viscon

4-sided CAVE for University of Bern


Viscon VR Cave is the core component of the new 3D sensorimotor function laboratory of the Institute for Sports Science (ISPW).

05.04.16 | Viscon

Seat design centre in Martorell/ES

Projektionssysteme für SEAT

Comprehensive modernisation: state-of-the-art 4K projection technology, dual screens, backups, signal control, etc. ¡Muchas gracias!

31.03.16 | Viscon

Powerwall and cave for Skoda

VR Cave Skoda

Two new VR systems are now performing their duty at the main factory of Skoda in the Czech city of Mladá Boleslav.

15.03.16 | Viscon

New tower simulators for ATCSim


ATCSim, a subsidiary of the US company UFA Inc., is – among other areas – a specialist for tower and radar simulation software. Viscon has installed new simulators.

01.03.16 | Viscon

UFA & Viscon in Madrid

March 8-10, 2016, we will once again be at the trade fair booth of our software partner UFA during the “World ATM Congress” in Madrid (Spain)