Signal Management

The digital signal transmission for the smooth operation of media technology systems

  • Product scope: From simple KVM switches to the double redundantly equipped, modularly equippable large matrix switch
  • Fibre glass technology: High signal quality even in case of large amounts of data over long distances, flexibly installable cables with the smallest of diameters, high safety from interception
  • Advantages: Future-proof signal transport between sources and sinks, lossless transmission even of high-resolution video and data signals (e. g. of current Blu-ray discs or computer systems with HDTV resolution and 4K)
  • Know-how: We are also specialists with respect to DDC, DVI, EDID, HDCP, HDMI and DisplayPorts.
  • Sophisticated specialised solutions: Problem-free, thanks to direct contact with the research and development departments of leading manufacturers (e. g. for special functional enhancements of devices via exclusive firmware adaptations)