VR Cave

The walk-in VR room for complete immersion in the virtual environment

Perfect immersion

Advantages: Users are in the centre of the virtual environment and can act freely. The possibilities of immersive stereoscopy are utilised to the maximum.

Multi-sided projection: All three to six base surfaces are suitable for displaying 3D image material.

Useable as a Team

Experience the virtual space together with others without headgear or additional hardware. This allows you to communicate and interact naturally with your colleagues or other participants in the virtual experience without barriers,

Universally impressive

Wide range of applications: from interior design in automotive engineering to building and landscape architecture to the realistic assessment of any interior space

1:1 representation of real places

Do you need a precise representation of a real environment? The CAVE system can, for example, reproduce a training environment in exact scale and on a roomscale basis. This is a unique way of interacting when training employees or inspecting 3D content such as construction plans.

VR Cave - Skoda

Installation in _ for Skoda



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