LED wall for high-contrast visualisation: Full HD, 4K or more?

State-of-the-art LED technology

Our high-resolution LED walls with state-of-the-art LED technology deliver high-contrast images in almost any desired resolution: whether full HD, 4K and higher or in unconventional image resolutions. Even under difficult lighting conditions, where other projection systems are too dim or have too little contrast.

The walls consist of modular LED screens that are mounted using profile frames.

Flexible LED wall design

Thanks to the individual small LED modules, our LED walls can be adapted to indoor and outdoor architecture. Even curved LED walls, LED barrels or LED cubes are possible.

Shape can be customised.

Profile frames can also be mounted to create extremely large picture surfaces

LED wall: Areas of application & service

Whether 3D and VR content for the manufacturing and construction industry or for industrial designers, for example, or large-format advertising on façades or e.g. via LED cubes or LED walls for security and surveillance: our 360° service ranges from planning to the selection of suitable technology components to implementation on site.

Whether for entertainment, product showcases, in educational institutions or as an advertising board, there are no limits to the areas of application for the LED wall.

LED wall: Technology

LED-Auflösung, LED-Module, Full HD, 4K, Helligkeit …

  • LED resolution, LED modules, Full HD, 4K, brightness …
  • One LED module: consists of several pixel cards. The number depends on the manufacturer and model.
  • Full HD wall // LED wall consisting of assembled LED modules with a total resolution of 1,920-1,080 pixels
  • 4K-LED-Wand // 4 x Full-HD-Wand: 3.840 x 2.160 Pixel
  • 4K LED wall // 4 x Full HD wall: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
    Brightness: typ. 2,000 nit indoor, 6,500 nit outdoor
  • Image sizes: freely scalable up to gigantic large-screen projection

Depending on the project requirements, extremely large formats can also be produced

LED Modul Seitenansicht

Side view of an LED module

The rear view of the LED modules

Revolutionary cathode technology

Cathode technology for LEDs enables far higher resolutions and lower pixel pitches than conventional anode technology. The result: exceptionally high-resolution, bright LED walls, even for the shortest viewing distances, with low energy consumption, little to no heat generation and a longer LED service life.

closeup: pixelpitch

LED wall size and pixel pitch

Determining the appropriate wall size and the required pixel pitch depends on what content is to be shown with what level of detail at what location and how large the distance between the viewer and the LED wall will be on site.

The smaller the LED distance, the smaller the distance between the viewer and the LED wall can be.

example: 0,9 mm pixel pitch

LED Wand Betrachterabstand

example: 0,9 mm pixel pitch


Front and rear service: With our LED walls, defective LED pixel cards, for example, can be replaced from the front and/or rear, depending on the model and manufacturer. The average service life of the LEDs is typically 50,000 hours at up to 50% of brightness.


LED modules can be replaced at the front and/or rear.

VR LED Wand - Client

Installation in place, for client



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