4K VR power wall for the University of Applied Sciences Aachen

The Institute for Mobile Autonomous Systems & Cognitive Robotics surrounding Prof. Scholl at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen is developing, among other things, a new interactive virtual reality application based on direct volume rendering. With the goal of visualising surfaces from 3-D data sets without calculating a 3-D geometry, surfaces are intended to be classified automatically using a transfer function. The new VR application is intended to be able to load, modify and save the transfer function in real time. At the same time, the 3-D volume is supposed to interact and render continuously.

For the institute’s department of graphic data processing, we designed and installed a VR visualisation system consisting of the largest possible power wall (4K resolution), media technology and control.

 VR system details

  • Power wall: 4K resolution, 4.16 m x 2.60 m (largest possible manufacturer screen size)
  • Projector: BARCO UDM 4K22 with 21.000 lumens, 4K UHD, dual-view capability
  • Tracking: 4-camera tracking system by VICON (model Vero v2.2)
  • Media control: by EXTRON
  • Audio system: 2.1 by Genelec


We would like to thank everyone for the good cooperation. Also, we are happy to see one of our visualisation systems doing its job where research is carried out for the future of virtual and augmented reality.



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