Automated colour space calibration of LED walls

Always the right colours on LED video walls, fully automated? That’s right!

Thanks to the Automatic Digital Colour Workflow, manual colour adjustments with their inaccuracies and compromises in colour representation are a thing of the past.

Perfect conditions for designers working in virtual space

A continuous colour workflow from the conception of a design to its visualisation on an LED wall was previously a pipe dream. The fact that the fully automated workflow also delivers the best results and a homogeneous colour representation makes the innovation perfect.

With the Automatic Digital Colour Worflow, the colour space calibration of LED walls reaches its next level.

Successful premiere – the world’s largest calibrated monitor

The groundbreaking tool was developed by Viscon and EKTA TRUE Performance (inventor of the technology) in cooperation. In 2022, it was installed for the first time at a German premium car manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg – and has been successfully in use ever since: as the world’s first LED video wall system incl. colour space calibration for the Automatic Digital Colour Workflow – From Design to Visualisation. The designers of the renowned car manufacturer now work on nothing less than the largest calibrated monitor in the world.

“Instead of always building new, expensive product models, leading manufacturers are increasingly designing, reviewing and adjusting them in the virtual space of an LED video wall. It saves time, material and costs. This is where the Automatic Digital Colour Workflow makes a decisive contribution.” Manuel Schiavo, Viscon Managing Director

Tech Talk

Until now, there were only two common processes for calibrating LED walls:

  1. brightness calibration: all LEDs are brought to a uniform brightness level.
  2. colour calibration: the red, green and blue tones of each LED are adjusted to the same level.

For a homogeneous colour display, however, a multi-stage calibration process is required that precisely matches the LED crystals with their naturally varying parameters. The better the algorithm that performs the necessary calibration steps, the better the visualisation on LED video walls.

Colour-accurate visualisation for design processes

With the Automatic Digital Colour Workflow, EKTA TRUE Performance, in collaboration with VISCON, has introduced a proprietary tool that enables a complete and fully automated colour space calibration that includes all parameters.

Designers can be assured that their creations will be displayed in exactly the intended colours and that the virtual world will be visualised lifelike on an LED video wall.

How does the system work in detail?

We would be happy to present the innovative technology to you in person. The experts from Viscon and EKTA TRUE Performance look forward to getting in touch with you.

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