New Managing Director

Generation change makes Viscon fit for the future

Company founder and sole owner Markus Knoor has set the course for the company’s continued success in the future.

With Manuel Schiavo as the new Managing Director, Viscon meets the challenges of the coming years with innovative ability and strategic skills for sustainable corporate development.

Manuel Schiavo is well-known in the European high-end visualization industry for his know-how and leadership qualities, even in large, medium-sized companies.

Manuel Schiavo – CEO | Managing Director
Manuel Schiavo – CEO | Managing Director


Great industry knowledge and joint strength

We are pleased that company owner Markus Knoor and Manuel Schiavo quickly came to an agreement. Because in addition to technical expertise, there is more at stake:

Manuel Schiavo: “I was looking for a company where I could feel at home in the long term. After all, you can only be strong and successful as a team. At Viscon, despite all the professionalism, there is a family atmosphere in which you can inspire each other directly. In this sense, I look forward to a great and very long time together – also with customers and partners.”​​

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