Fit for the future

We have a new trainee on board and fresh wind in our Viscon sails! Our journey, naturally, is going towards the future.

After an internship with us, we immediately offered Lars Mahlendorf a vocational training spot as an IT system electronics engineer. The young man from Kamp-Lintfort was so kind as to accept it. We are very excited about this! He already brings a lot of know-how with him, having obtained his vocational diploma in IT.

Lars Mahlendorf
Lars Mahlendorf

Lars is a committed person with a good sense of orientation. After all, he was a boy scout for 17 years and worked with them as a volunteer for six years. Besides that, he is a sports enthusiast with a special interest in American Football. If we were ever to establish a Viscon company team in this area, the 2.08 m giant would be front and centre – and we would get comfortable in the second line.​​

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