Powerwall and cave for Skoda

Development and optimisation of passenger cars with VR systems by Viscon

We were once again contracted by Skoda AG for the concept design and installation of projection systems. This time, for two of them:

// Powerwall

  • Barco Galaxy 4K-32 HFR projector (4096×2160 resolution, 32,000 lumen)
  • Backup: Sony SRX-S110 Projector
  • Viscon premium projections pane

The VR powerwall mainly serves for the viewing of studies of the interior and exterior. For instance, when it comes to making strategically important Executive Board decisions. The wall is designed such that it allows for a detailed viewing even by larger groups of people.

// Four-sided cave

  • 8 x JVC 4K projector
  • Pixel size < 1 mm
  • Multi-sided 3D projection

The walkable VR room is primarily being utilised for ergonomic investigations: rear-view mirror view; checking for view through the A, B and C columns; accessibility of the input systems inside the car; design of the vehicle’s interior.

We would like to thank Skoda for the great cooperation!




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