Seat design centre in Martorell/ES

The Centro Tecnico de Seat has contracted us for the comprehensive modernisation of two design studios. With the latest in 4K 3D projection technology, dual screen solutions and backup projectors, the studios at the Seat design centre are now equipped for the future.

Viscon all-around service

Project management, project control, project leadership and – of course – the seamless integration of the whole media technology: Thank you very much for the comprehensive order, the trust we were provided with, and the smooth cooperation!

The technical details | Projection

At the studio of the Development & Design unit, a rear projection in 3D with 4K resolution (5,800 mm) and an additional front projection in Full HD (3,000 mm) are being utilised.

The studio of the Executive Board Design unit “Walhalla” is now equipped with two rear projection systems: 4K 3D (5,800 mm) and Full HD (2,800mm).

  • Rear projection: Barco Galaxy, each, one 4k-23HFR (23,000 ANSI lumen), one 4K-32HFR (32,000 ANSI lumen), each with an Infitec stereo system
  • Backup rear projection: Barco RLM-W14 (14,000 ANSI lumen), each
  • Side projection: Barco F85 with Full HD, each
  • Plus: mobile presentation system with 70″ LCD monitor at both studios


Would you like to take a peek? Starting at second 0:04, you can catch a glimpse of our SEAT power wall.

The signal management

Both systems are equipped with a complex signal management:

  • Vista Systems Spyder X20-3D in maximum configuration
  • Signal conversion, signal scaling, and signal transmission with
  • Extron components of the latest generation
  • Media control by Crestron with wireless touch panels (1 xstationary, 1 x mobile)
  • Plus: high quality audio systems by JBL with audio processing by Extron


Additionally, we have equipped the meeting and conference area of the Design Executive Board with five mobile high-end monitor systems: UHD displays by NEC (84″ and 98″) on rolling designer columns.

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