Sharable 360° tower simulator for IAA

Jointly with our partner UFA, we have once more successfully realised a tower simulator for the Israel Airports Authority – with special conceptual and technical features. The governmental IAA operates, manages, and controls civilian airports and customs clearance facilities. It is headquartered at Ben Gurion international airport.

Special Features

  • The simulator allows for a 360° projection and can also be utilised as a 2 x 180° variant.
  • One simulator element is designed to be movable as a door.
  • The computer technology is invisible to the viewer.
  • Each projection channel is controlled by a separate computer.



  • 22 channels
  • LCD displays made by NEC
  • HD resolution 1,080 x 1,920 (horizontal/vertical) in portrait mode


We would like to express our gratitude to both the IAA and our partner UFA for the good cooperation.