UFA & Viscon: Trade fair in Madrid

World ATM Congress 2017

Jointly with our American partner UFA, we will be presenting innovations in the areas of : radar simulation, air traffic control, training, and more. UFA is an internationally leading software company for air traffic control solutions, radar simulations and tower simulations, and a lot more. Customer are civilian aviation, the military, and universities.

Please visit us at the UFA trade fair booth

5th World ATM Congress 2017 – Operated by CANSO in association with ATCA
Booth No.: 882
Location: IFEMA, Feria de Madrid
Schedule: March 07-09, 2017

Discover the latest UFA innovations:

High fidelity stand-alone and embedded radar simulator

High fidelity stand-alone training for tower, apron and approach

Comprehensive and integrated exercise development environment that allows to create and manage airport information, airspace information, maps, flight strips, and all aspects of training exercises.

Highly realistic driving simulator supporting airside drive training requirements

Cloud-based access to UFA voice recognition-enabled training solutions

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