Obituary: Farewell, Malte!

Our employee, Malte Jürgens, has died. Herewith informing our business partners of this is, of course, a necessity. But an entirely different matter is this: We do not want to hide our grief and our compassion for the family members. Neither do we want to ignore the good memories. Only that way can one hope to do justice to a human being.

Malte had supported us since 2008 as system implementation engineer. In the last October week of this year, a medical emergency occurred. He departed from us on December 2, 2014. No words are to be spoken about the time in between.

An image of him that we keep in mind is this one: laughing mischievously. Even though this was only one facet of his personality – it was one that allowed for, and provided deeper insights.

Malte Jürgens

Malte, we’re calling out to you: Farewell! And, who knows, maybe we will see each other again some time. We’d definitely be looking forward to it!

Your Viscon team