Power wall for Karlsruhe University

The faculty of mechanical engineering and mechatronics at Karlsruhe University among other things is studying the topic of computer use in mechanical engineering. Process modelling, design reviews, prototype development and depiction of logistics processes are examples for areas in which student groups are intended to work with a power wall in the future. For this purpose, a public call for tenders was published. We submitted our concept and offer and received the award. We are very excited about this!

Power wall details

  • Viewable screen: 350 x 218 cm
  • Screen: HomeScreen Deluxe by projecta
  • Projector: E-Vision Laser 4K (phosphor laser illumination) by Digital Projection
  • Tracking: SMARTTRACK by ART (headtracking and flystick)
  • 3D VR: active stereo with Volfoni shutter glasses
  • Overall resolution: 2,560 x 1,600 px
  • Installation metal construction: in cooperation with Kleefeld Messebau
  • Screen scaffolding: construction and installation by our partner Tischlerei Knoor GmbH


Information on study courses, research projects and international activities of the mechanical engineering and mechatronics faculty at Karlsruhe University can be found at https://www.hs-karlsruhe.de/mmt/



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