4K Airport tower simulator

The French air traffic control authority DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne) operates a tower simulator for air traffic controller training at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Our task was to replace the previous 8-channel front projection system with a modern 15-channel system with 4K resolution.

The challenges

The time frame for the complete project was as short as ten days. In addition, the modernisation was to be carried out with only minimal structural measures. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, special precautions were necessary.

The making-of

Our experts were accommodated at the ATC School at Charles de Gaulle Airport. To meet the coronavirus-related safety requirements, testing took place several times – during and after the extensive modernisation of the tower simulator. Moreover, our staff were self-sufficient and thus largely an autonomous, self-contained group in Paris.

Due to meticulous pre-planning and an increase of our manpower on site, the project was successfully completed within a mere six days. Naturally, the entire project was carried out in French.

The tower simulator

  • 15-channel, 4K resolution
  • Overall resolution: 124.4 megapixels
  • 98-inch LCD monitors by NEC

Installing the large, heavy monitors, each 2.25 m high and weighing 100 kg, and the installation height of 2.80 m was a special challenge that was successfully mastered. Modernisation work also included an elaborate redesign of the tower’s automatic door system, including sensors.


As planned, the complete modernisation of the simulator went ahead without any structural changes to the tower’s infrastructure.

Thanks to the detailed concept, precise project planning and on-site arrangements, our people were able to complete all the work in record time and return home in good health.



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